Korzus - Legion

Arguably one of the first Brazilian thrash metal bands formed in 1983, Korzus’ rebirth occurred four years ago with the release of ‘Discipline of Hate’, which was a cool effort. With ‘Legion’ this band further cement their thrash metal credentials with a tremendous powerful thrash album, reminiscent of late 90’s and 00’s decade style, a lot heavier and very refreshing.

With this, I do find a lot of good comparisons to be had. The harsh vocal style and delivery of ‘Devil’s Head’ takes me to Slayer in the millennium years, whilst the overall feel is to me like modern Annihilator with the fast and furious ‘Bleeding Pride’ but to a lesser extent the technicality. On a similar note though, the title track ‘Legion’ is a nice

‘Time to Come’ has a nice heavy groove, there are lots of augmented chords and some vocal screams that bestows the hallmarks of classic thrash whilst giving the same impression of the Dukes era of Exodus. Whilst I am still thrashing around to this track (‘Time to Come’), I am amazed by the lead break that occurs after about 3 minutes and this is matched by the syncopated hammer blow drumming that some may feel is a similar style to Raymond Herrera.

Overall, this is the perfect balance of the harsher South American/German thrash of a more aggressive and faster style with the more technically proficient US/Canadian thrash style. Whatever you think is cool thrash, you need to listen to this. There is clear passion, strong song writing and these riffs are great. Not original of course, but fun, energetic and very heavy. There is no reason for ‘Legion’ not to be mentioned in the same breath as a couple of the big names of the genre in terms of 2014 releases, yes it is that good!

  1. Lifeline 
  2. Lamb 
  3. Six Seconds  
  4. Broken 
  5. Vampiro  
  6. Die Alone 
  7. Apparatus Belli  
  8. Time Has Come  
  9. Purgatory  
  10. Self Hate  
  11. Bleeding Pride 
  12. Devil's Head 
  13. Legion

Reviewer: twansibon
Dec 6, 2014

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