Kozeljinik - Deeper The Fall

Serbia's Kozeljnik unleash their full black metal fury with their second album 'Deeper The Fall.' It's a very thoughtful album with the esoteric style of Funeral Mist, but missing the genius of Arioch. Most of the music is gritty black metal, raw and full of blast beats but fortunately not black n' roll copies of Darkthrone. "Truth Is Death" features a lot of rapid tremolo picking and almost seamless flowing drums; they hit so fast that it feels like the guitar distortion is keeping everything together in a sheer sonic wall of noise. Sometimes there's a bit of groove involved, but mostly expect a lot of primitive black metal from this track despite its epic length... which may get tiresome after a while if one doesn't like lengthy stuff. Fortunately the track weaves at different tempos so fans will definitely not get bored easily.

The vocals throughout the album are a hit or miss. They usually keep up a throaty roar but sometimes go into a low, droning moan like a mad priest performing a Satanic rituals. Listeners will find this creative or laughable... so it really depends on the earhole. Many other tracks tend to sound like the first... they keep up the blastbeats througout the verses and then near the interlude slow down for a bit of groove metal. This may get weary after a while, but fortunately there is the title track where everything seems to have a much darker tone, even though the vocals are more moaning than snarling. The interlude here is very esoteric, almost along the lines of Deathspell Omega territory with its solemn string pickings that border doom metal. Considering their thought behind their lyrics about theology and death, it is not suprising that Kozeljnik would attempt this possible route. There is even some classical influence to really add to the morbidity, or just a great effect due to the guitars.

Considering it is only two guys performing all the music, once everything is played and done, it is a very impressive scope of music. While it tends to be the same ol' same ol,' almost any black metal fan can easily find 'Deeper The Fall' extremely accessible and well rounded, despite the experimental chanting vocals. They take some getting used to, but bring some more to the table overall compard to the usual black metal. Certainly worth checking out for fans of Funeral Mist, Darktrance, and possibly Mgla.

  1. The Truth Is Death
  2. The All-Consuming
  3. Void To Final Consumption
  4. Deeper The Fall
  5. Breeding The Apocalypse
  6. A.o.t.U

Paragon Records
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Nov 24, 2010

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