Kraanium - Slamchosis

In October of this year, Kraanium released their 5th full-length studio album “Slamchosis” – and its every bit as brutal as we expect. Originally from Norway, Kraanium has expanded into a brutal international group comprised of Mats Funderud (Norway), Mika da Costa (Brazil), Jack Christensen (Denmark), Erhan Karaca (Turkey), and Jason Varlamos (United Kingdom). Kraanium is just one of those bands that gets better every year, and I can promise you this year is no exception.

Kraanium’s fifth album “Slamchosis”, wastes no time getting heavy, brutal, and down to the action. “It’s not easy butchering people” says the intro of 'Bound to Kill', the first song on the album – but that’s a goddamn lie; Kraanium’s been doing it since 2001. “Slamchosis” is raw, raunchy, and ready to rip your ears.

The album is consistent with no one song outshining the others. That said, I think 'Midget Fucker' is the standout song on the album. It has some great early slams, varied guitars, and a good mix of vocals. Overall, its pretty solid Kraanium – they’re a band I’ve liked for years so I might be a little harsher than I should be. That said, this album has all the brutality of Korpse, all the energy of Pyrexia, and all the replayability of Inseminate Degeneracy.

Considering this is the first album since the passing of Martin Funderud (R.I.P.) its an important one for Kraanium. Jack Christensen does a good job as a substitute for vocals while Mats Funderud and the rest of the band continue to blast out solid beats. I wholeheartedly believe Martin is jamming to this album in the afterlife. And I, for one, hope to see the new lineup on tour one day.

Ultimately, a lot of us know Kraanium, they’ve been doing this for a long time and they’re damn good at it. “Slamchosis” delivers 39 minutes of slamming brutality, but its nothing we haven’t heard before, and I think it clocks in a bit lighter than their last album “Chronicles Of Perversion”. I still think you should give it a listen and a buy, but don’t expect anything ground breaking – it’s the same Kraanium we know and love.


1. Bound To Kill
2. Blob Of Inhuman Metamorphic Transfusion
3. Gratification Through Annihilation
4. Forced Rectal Exhumation
5. Slamchosis
6. Larva Infested Cum Sluts
7. Midget Fucker
8. Slam Her Guts Out
9. Face Fucked With A Brick
10. Putrescent Indulgence