Kragens - Seeds Of Pain

Kragens hail from France and decided to export something else then wine and cheese. This is some kind of power thrash metal with heavy and precise guitarriffs changing from massive chords to technical and more melodic attacks. Songs are mostly played in mid-tempo but also change sometimes creating an epical atmosphere, sometimes dangerously attacking you. Vocals are powerfull clean vocals completing with identity but also change into all kinds of screams and growls showing variation and range especially. Production is perfect with clean and heavy sound and great power in the rhythym section. From raging fury to dark emotion this CD is balanced with all songs creating different moods but the red line through all of this is quality power/thrash metal.

1. Seeds of pain
2. The last
3. Danger of death
4. Darkness
5. I choo to die
6. Reconquista
7. Dream in black
8. Over the deadline
9. Sonderkommandos defy
Thundering Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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