Krass-T - Le Jour Du Saigneur

Krass-T is a Thrash / Death Metal band hailing from France. From Valenciennes to be precise. “Le Jour De Saigneur” is the bands very first release, which is in fact a self-financed DIY album with a total playing time of 39 minutes. The sound quality is adequate, but don´t get me wrong. This is not a shitty sounding garage recording. “Le Jour Du Saigneur” breathes the filth and the spirit of the underground and is a credible release of four French guys sharing the same musical vision. So far so good. But when you take a closer look at the songs, it seems like a few parts aren´t completely thought-out. Oh, these guys know how to handle their instruments, but they should concentrate on their Thrash / Death Metal concept instead of adding Hardcore and Metalcore ingredients to their style. This ruins some of the real good ideas on this album. Sad but true. Some more straight-to-your-face parts would loosen up the sometimes too complicated tracks and would also enhance this DIY output. Krass-T´s vocalist is a real raging maniac, who could also lead a Grindcore band with ease. His style ranges from dark and hoarse grunting to high-pitched screams. It´s a pleasure to listen to his performance, but as mentioned before, it would all have been better if the songs were a bit more accessible to be truly efficient. Anyway, this is the bands first sign of life and I´m sure these French dudes will show their real qualities in the future and leave a lasting impression with their next offering.

  1. Intro

  2. In Your Nose

  3. Du Nerf

  4. Hysteria

  5. Starifié

  6. Criminel Légal

  7. Le Jour Du Saigneur

  8. Virus

  9. The Patriot

  10. Perversion

  11. In Your Nose II

Self released
Reviewer: Alex
Jan 2, 2010

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