Kreator - Pleasure To Kill

Most people believe that "Reign In Blood" gave birth to death metal. While it was a massive influence to the genre, I don’t believe that claim. Without "Pleasure To Kill", not only would death metal be less brutal but it would be nowhere near as good. Bold claims indeed.
The album opens with ‘Choir Of The Damned’, a short intro full of samples, acoustics and a simple solo which does chill one’s spine. This lulls you into a false sense of security and then mercilessly attacks you with the razor sharp ‘Ripping Corpse’. This song is one of the most hateful I have ever heard, mainly due to the sadistic lyrics and Mille Petrozza’s almost death-like snarling. ‘Death Is Your Saviour’ is next, this time with the drummer Jurgen Reil singing in his deeper distinctive voice. Now cometh the absolute highlight of the album: the title track. Who doesn’t love the growling of the mid-paced interlude near the end?
Who doesn’t love the visceral yet technical soloing?
Who doesn’t love the brutal poser-killing riffage?
This is one of the best songs ever. No arguing. The next song is the highly memorable ‘Riot Of Violence’ which again features Reil on the vocals. In hindsight, it’s amazing to see that Reil was playing proto-death metal beats whilst singing these brutal yet thoughtful lyrics. Next up is ‘The Pestilence’ which is the longest song on the album and clocks in at near enough seven minutes. This song is a bit more progressive but doesn’t let up on the brutality at all. The last three songs are great, but nothing too noteworthy apart from the amazing singing from Reil on ‘Command Of The Blade’.

The production isn’t amazing because it’s not that clear. The bass is slightly louder than the guitar because the guitar is unusually quiet, but the drums and vocals are fine. Even with these problems, it adds great atmosphere to the songs and you’ll get used to it anyway.

Overall, the album is immensely good and brutal as shit. This is a must-have for any self respecting thrasher and it now comes with the Flag Of Hate EP.

  1. Choir Of The Damned

  2. Ripping Corpse

  3. Death Is Your Corpse

  4. Pleasure To Kill

  5. Riot Of Violence

  6. The Pestilence

  7. Carrion

  8. Command Of The Blade

  9. Under The Guillotine