Krig - Narcissistic Mechanism

Krig are a progressive death metal band from Brazil that combine brutal aggression with technical melodies and breakdowns to really make a dynamic piece of music. Their latest album, Narcissistic Mechanism, is any technical death metallers dream album because it is so varied and engaging without ever becoming boring. The opening track is only instrumental, but sounds soaring and majestic. It isn't as technical as many of the other tracks on the album, but it is still a joy to listen to for the melodic side. Of course, right after that "Dilacerated" comes on and the listener is instantly sucked into the brutality. The chugging guitars stop and start in a jerking sound with the drums buried in the distortion; the only thing that comes out on top is the vocals, which are gutteral and deep all the way through. The technical breakdowns of the guitar may seem repetitive, but eventually it breaks into a progressive, jazzy moment that turns the chaos into cohesiveness. And that's just the begining.

Other tracks such as "God Is Alive" is more straightforward death metal in the way everything just seamlessly flows together with no pauses, no breakdowns, just chugging guitars and bashing drums carried by the weight of the distortion. The vocals tend to quiet down on this track, but that's so the drums can be heard for once. And they really shine with their techincal, grindcore-esque beats that don't sound completely monotonous or on autopilot. "Mankind Dead Remains" relies more on brief solos to get the listener through the song, but it doesn't let up on the brutal side, especially near the middle where everything just explodes at once. The title track is actually the weakest song on the album compared to the others because it so straightforward and basic for usual death metal standards that it lacks the zest of the other tracks. "Outcast Worms" is a unique track because it is mostly carried by the drums and vocals alone, and this duet shows off some very special moments on both parties. The vocals, when alone, sound echoing and clear as ever while the drums change up their 'tapping' style for a more militaristic drum beat as composed to their usual drill-bore sound. "Rotten Poetry" of course closes things on a technical note again with just as much breakdowns and psychotic mathcore moments like "Dilacerated" has, but much more profound.

Ultimately if one likes bands such as Dying Fetus, Avicularia, or Fleshwrought, then they will downright love this band. Their technical ability is flawless and their ability to also create downright fierce melodies to contrast their more 'deep thinking' side is an excellent contrast. May techincal/prog death metal reign supreme!

  1. Foolish Evildoers II
  2. Dilacerated
  3. Not Being A Hypocrite
  4. God Is Alive
  5. End Of Time
  6. Mankind Dead Remains
  7. Hideout Of Demons
  8. Narcissistic Mechanism
  9. Outcast Worms
  10. Rotten Poetry

NH Records
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Oct 13, 2010
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