Krigere Wolf - The Ancient Culture To Kill

'The Ancient Culture To Kill' is the debut release from Krigere Wolf, a Black/ Death/ Thrash Metal band from Italy. Their music is pretty clear cut with how everything meshes together: one side is the rhythmic, gritty Thrash that blends both the Punk elements of Darkthrone with that of bands like Judas Priest with the harsh vocals that are certainly Black Metal based, sometime Death Metal based depending on the track. Fans of groups like Goatwhore will certainly find this appealing. The album opens with the brief "Intro To Battle," which features samples of warriors fighting and beautiful keyboards. Of course, this is all demolished with "Demons From Beyond The Sea" which features a rathe rhythmic battle march to the way the drums are layered- no matter how gritty- and carried by the fast pace of the guitar solos with the vocals snarling about. This isn't quite demo quality, but it is pretty close, though with how Krigere structures its music the melodies and rhythms are more than enough to keep listeners gravitated to their music. "Death Rides On The Blade" is a catchy, fun tune that- while a bit hard to hear- still fulfills the better part of what the album tries to deliver.

"Wielding The Axe Of Suffering" is almost completely instrumental, although from the tone of the music is really doesn't sound much different from any of the other tracks on the album. The only thing that really stands out is the brief bass solo. "Died In Battle..." brings back the ambiance that the opening track does, although Krigere places it in the middle of the track hoping to start the epic bit early, but the guitars sadly overshadow most of it. Only when the music fades out can one really get into the rather folkish, symphonic side of the music. Overall, 'The Ancient Culture To Kill' is a fast paced, groove laden album that is punishing to hear but has its moments where Krigere really pull off the Black/ Thrash genre quite well by not being cliche. And of course the epic battle parts really stretch the album to be more than just 'gritty Metal.'


  1. Intro Battle Song
  2. Demons From Beyond The Sea
  3. A Voice Oppressing Warriors
  4. Death Rides On The Blade
  5. Wielding The Axe Of Suffering
  6. Scorching Flames Of Damnation
  7. Died In Battle - Death's Litanies