Krigsgrav - Leave No Path To Follow

Krigsgrav is quite an interesting band, but a hard one to define as far as genres go. With elements of death, doom, black, progressive and goth, the band takes extreme metal to a level attempted by many but achieved by few. “Leave No Path To Follow” is a soulless and agonizing trip to where life is depleted and the aftermath of such has free reign over the last shreds of sanity. There is an element to the way the music is played which leaves an undisputed feeling of misery and desolation. The tone and delivery of the material is reminiscent of bands like early Katatonia, Novembers Doom (only slower), Loss, Agathodaimon, Shining, and My Dying Bride presented with a blackened death metal edge. The solitude that this type of music invokes is the perfect example of audible art that reflects the deepest recesses of the human mind and soul. An escape, if you will, from the oppressive nature of humanity. Relatable in its fluency and its very foundation. These guys have found a way to make an even closer connection between music and emotion, the link of which is passion.

The cherry on top for this release is the cover of Katatonia’s 'Brave'. Including this solidifies the mastery and legitimacy of this band and their talent. Sadly, this release is limited to 100 copies. But, as disappointing as that is, this CD is so good you can bet that somewhere down the road another label will pick this up for a larger release. This CD needs to be available to as many people as possible. For it to be limited to 100 copies is a disservice to the band and does not come close to showing the respect that this release deserves.

5 / 5 STARS 


1. Leave No Path To Follow
2. The Withering
3. Strength Through Wounding
4. Forging With Broken Hands
5. Dark Pools
6. The End
7. Brave (cover Katatonia)