Krisiun - Conquerors Of Armageddon

Damn! I do admit when I first heard this album shortly after its release in 2000 I was highly disappointed. The reason at the time being that it seemed to me Krisiun was just copying the sounds of Cannibal Corpse among others extreme metal artists. This may be true, but something really changed here. The intro lets off an explosion and following is 9 tracks of extreme death metal, putting it lightly heh.

Let's look at the guitar sounds of Moyses Kolesne -a phenomenal and underrated guitarist in the death metal scene, he wrote tons of riffs that just stick to you. The intro to 'Ravager', verse riff of 'Abyssal Gates', bridge riff of 'Soul Devourer' and on and on give you sounds and speed of precision. Can't say they are entirely original, but the riff writing on 'Conquerors...' seems to me to be much more unique then the previous two releases from them.

One thing that will pierce through your eardrums are the solos-speed, sweeps, and madness that could only come from Moyses. Vocals and drums here don't deserve as much mention for the reason that the vox have little variety and the drums are very predictable. Alex has a very hard job though here to keep the speed as well as recite blasphemous lyrics. Max is not the most creative drummer but he's precise with his blast beats and double bass flurries. Krisiun originated in the late 80's with minute amounts of publicity.

Now they are finally getting into the spotlight like they deserve touring with such bands as Nile, Incantation, Angelcorpse, etc. 'Conquerors...' is their strongest release to date in my opinion (athough 'Assassination' [2006] rips). Let's hope with the next release though we get a little more variety instead of pure speed. However, this is Krisiun and well that is their trademark. But these guys seem much more intelligent about their music now opposed to 'Black Force Domain' (1995) and 'Apocalyptic Revelation' (1998) releases.

To give 'Conquerors of Armageddon' less then a 666/10 in rating would be irrational and unjust. Get this album, and expect to be mesmerized by sounds you thought not possible to the ear.

1. Intro / Ravager
2. Abyssal Gates
3. Soul Devourer
4. Messiah's Abomination
5. Cursed Scrolls
6. Conquerors Of Armageddon
7. Hatred Inherit
8. Iron Stakes
9. Endless Madness Descends

Century Media
Reviewer: Death8699
Aug 9, 2010

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