Kristendom - Awakening The Chaos

Death metal from France, Paris to be exactly. Kristendom is their name and already released 3 albums. Number 4 is called "Awakening The Chaos" and contain 13 tracks. Metal which is Swedish guitar orientated. Songs that are not only aggressive but having sence for melody. Tempo is changing frequently and so you hear the brute vocals going up and down. Songs with lots of variation in the structures and still hold that catchy feeling. Nice album that is sounding like a lot of time spend to it. This album also comes as a special edition with a bonus DVD, but that was not included with this promo.

1. it's Awakening
2. Existence
3. Failure
4. Le Soufle Animal
5. Short life
6. Death is near
7. Welcome
8. Necrodemence
9. War (when art rise)
11. Hidden Behind
12.Chaos Theories
13. No more sunrise
Thundering Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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