Kryptos - The Coils Of Apollyon

This is the third full length  release from Indian thrash metal band Kryptos and a mighty fine release it is too!! As you would expect from a band that have been going strong since 1998 this is proficient in the extreme, cannot fault the playing on this at all!! Nine tracks that come in just under forty eight minutes and pure heavy metal!! This band cover a bit of most genres, with probably thrash the main one although there is bits of death and doom on show but in all honesty this is probably as near good old heavy metal as you get these days, no problem with it either as it is really well played and a joy to listen to a band that are top of their tree musically.

The album kicks of with “The Mask of Anubis” and a good start it is too, mythology and religion seem to be the bands muse and it works well for them. The playing on this album is really top stuff with Rohit and Nolan on guitar duties, Nolan also does the vocals which are good, clean style. Both guitarists are great with them riffing good style throughout this album. Jayawant is the bass player and Ryan is the drummer and both do a fine job as well. The album rocks on at a good pace and keeps you interested throughout, no filler on this release its all good stuff!!

My favourite tracks on the album are “Nexus Legion” which has a great galloping riff and is a good thrashy song which really gets you going!!  “Spellcraft” is another personal favourite as it seems to hark back to a bygone era of heavy metal, really old school stuff but none the worse for it as it’s a belting track!! This band are top notch, really tight and very proficient in the playing. Nine great tracks of top notch metal.

I would recommend this album if you are at all into heavy metal as it’s a cracking listen, all the tracks are really great stuff and it’s a joy to hear a band at the top of their game blast it out!!  Bits of all metal genres on this album and none of it bad, go and buy it and support a great band, heavy metal truly is a worldwide brotherhood!!


  1. The Mask Of Anubis
  2. The Coils Of Apollyon
  3. Serpent Mage
  4. Nexus Legion
  5. Eternal Crimson Spires
  6. Spellcraft
  7. Starfal
  8. Visions Of Dis
  9. The Isle Of Voices

Reviewer: donnieaural
Dec 3, 2012
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