Kult ov Azazel/Teratism - In League With Satan

I got this 7" vinyl some time ago and since then it stared at me frequently with the dark and blasphemic artwork of Mark Riddick. I waited for the night to come to play this and yesterday I thought it was the night to sacrifice.

This 7" is limited to 666 copies and the first 100 are made in clear red and on the inside each band has a page with the recording info and the credits. All black and white what suits the whole package.

As you can see the title of this split is "In League With Satan" and both bands play their interpretation of the song. The song is without doubt one of the most covered songs of Venom. The song appeared on the "Welcome To Hell" album back in 1981 and still counts as one of the most satanic songs of all time. You doubt? Look at all the bands who covered this song! More introduction of Venom is not necessary.

Kult ov Azael is on the A-side and has the shortest version. After the sinister intro the two guys fall in and play they stay more to original version only a bit faster. The fastest pieces, with smashing bassdrums are in the chorus parts. The drummachine sounds a bit thin but the guitars are thick layered. As said before this is a short version with a quick fade out but the intensity of the songs makes you wanna play it more each time.

Teratism does their version ofcourse of the B-side and they step away from the original version. Their intro is even more dark and sinister and counts a bit longer. Their version is slower than Kult ov Azaels and even slower than the Venom version. The vocals are sung with prolonging words and the guitars are adding more melody to the track. Also the faster parts are here in the chorus. Instead of a fade out it has a repeative beat and a last vocal outburst.

This 7" combines two US black metal bands in one song with their own interpretation and surely a vinyl to have if you like both bands or collect Venom curiosities.

1. Kult ov Azazel - In League With Satan (cover Venom)
2. Teratism - In League With Satan (cover Venom)