Kurnugia - Forlorn And Forsaken

This Ohio based band Kurnugia spews out some pretty brutal death metal! They're new to me, but I'm glad that I was recommended to listen to the new album "Forlorn And Forsaken". It's fresh riffs and fast! But they're diverse, too. I really enjoyed this whole album. It's a step up from their EP. You can hear how they progressed musically since then. The leads aren't too bad either. The whole album I liked. The production quality is good on that front. I'd say the guitars are probably the pivotal point for the whole album. But the vocals are pretty sick, too! They make them sound even heavier. All the songs on here are noteworthy!

The music is the highlight to this release! I didn't stop liking any of the tracks on here. I like the guitar's distortion tone. They can do without the leads, but oh well. If they just stuck with rhythms I'd give them a perfect score. Or maybe a perfect score they earned. Really, the band has progressed (as I said) and they are just improving more and more! I cannot even listen to the EP anymore, just this album! The rhythms are just sick. And the vocals go along well with the music. Just underground music. It's really good stuff! I feel that this is going to be one of the top releases for 2020. That is, in the death metal arena.

I think that the sound quality is really good here. The production and mixing are all good. There's nothing that I'd add or subtract on this one. It's unrelenting and wholly original! The guitars remind me a little of a Swedish death metal based tone with a US meshed sound to it. That was my impression. It's a really good album. The production gave it justice. And the rhythms vary widely. But mainly it's all brutal. I don't discount them on any front! They are a pretty original band with this album under their belt even better! There's no points on the album that are dull. The whole release is good.

I would suggest giving this one a try. It really blew me away! I checked out the previous release (EP) and wasn't really that impressed. But then found this on YouTube. It was an amazing experience! What a kick ass band, right?! I mean really, totally original and sick. I'm to get the actual physical copy, too! I would suggest listening to this album first. But from start to finish it's just unrelenting. The energy and aura that the band displays is phenomenal. I'd have to thank a friend of mine for getting me into this band. If it weren't for him, I would've never discovered them! Check them out!

4.5 / 5 STARSĀ 


1. Intro
2. To The Cursed Depths
3. Crown Of Suffer
4. Shroud Of Damnation
5. Pervert The Pious
6. Eroded Faith
7. Thy Sanguine Altar
8. All Consuming Grief
9. Decaying Serenades
10. When The Moment Of Death Arrives