L0w_cHI -Deadly Honest

Austria's L0w_cHI second release is "Deadly Honest". The album is full of hardcore vocals and undertones but lacks the typical heavy breakdowns. There are parts of songs like "Animal" and "Slave Nation" where a crowd could easily yell and scream along but not an overabundance of "chug-chug" riffs like so many other bands over use in their albums. Maybe L0w_cHI is taking a different direction on the metalcore/hardcore than say Hatebreed or Despised Icon is, but that may not be to their benefit. In the end, this record lacks the all out aggression of today's metalcore/hardcore bands, there are no crazy breakdown and slam dance parts to the songs and though I can't believe it, maybe some people really dig the choppy "chug-chug" riffs. "Deadly Honest" will probably never make it onto anyone's playlists, and for the majority of people, no one will ever go looking for it.

1. Darkness
2. Heartless
3. Animal
4. Thank God for Satan
5. 5212
6. Slave Nation
7. Body Bag
8. Needs
9. Perfect World
10. C.O.
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 26, 2009

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