La Ira De dios - Hacia El Sol Rojo

From Peru this is La ira de dios with their debut CD. Psychedlic space rock breathing dark and authentic atmosphere. Some elements of straightforward rock and roll with dark vocals in spanish language. Music is build on fresh drumming and crazy bassplaying and guitars add an extra layer of freestyling on top of that. Music also escapes into psychedlic instrumental doomrock haunting you with a cosmic spacesound. Sometimes this sounds like a big jam session but the songs are build very well with crazy details and this is also where quality in musicianship is shown. If you're looking for a nice trip into dark space this should be quite agood soundtrack....

1. Perdido en el espcaio
2. A 300 anos blues
3. Ruge
4. La senal
5. Empirea
6. Cabalgando en la oscuridad
7. Hacia el sol rojo

Nasoni Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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