Laaz Rockit - Left For Dead

Laaz Rockit came alive and has been kicking since the early 80’s  and after giving a listen to their latest album ”Left for Dead” I can say that they havent changed one bit. ”Left for Dead” Admittingly I am not a huge fan of Laaz Rockit  but I will be fair in judging this album and will state that it is good for what it is. Left for Dead will bring you back to the feel of the early 80’s  when  Thrash metal was at it’s beginning. This album is totally old school and I must say  that this band seems to be pretty much on the ball. Filled with heavy drums,speedy guitars and loud in your face vocals  this album is solid and filled with a youthful feel that anyone wishing to experience metal as it was back in the day would really enjoy.

1. Brain Wash
2. Delirium Void
3. Erased
4. My Euphoria
5. Ghost In The Mirror
6. Turmoil
7. Liar
8. Desolate Oasis
9. No Man
10. Outro
Massacre Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 26, 2009

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