Laboratorio Cristalitos - Narcoturismo

From Bologna in northern Italy these three guys contaminating the world with their down-tempo death, spiced with lyrics about drugs and war. The first contact with the vocalist is when he shouts out ´Narcoturismo´ in the title track. I think it was about the same time I lost all hope for this album. Imagine the word, with a high pitch on the i. Hilarious. The guitar and bass plays together with simple punkriffs, and where they try to speed things up to a mid-tempo pace, it´s just damn slow anyway. Which might be a good thing, since the drumming is painful to listen to in the "fast" parts. Sometimes, like in the chorus of ´Plancolombia´ it gets quite groovy. And the choruses are, in all their simplicity, the only fine moments in this album, where the songtitles are sung repeatedly. A typical first album, and mistakes must be made to learn from. To rap this up and as an advice to Laboratorio Cristalitos: Repetitio est mater studiorum!

1. Narcoturismo
2. Sequestrata
3. Plancolombia
4. Bloody Hashish
5. Soldados Negros
6. World War Zombie
7. Necroanimale
8. Padre Maniaco
9. Narcoturismo (Spanish Version)
10. Sequestrata (Spanish Version)
11. Plancolombia (Spanish Version)
12. Bloody Hashish (Spanish Version)
13. Soldados Negros (Spanish Version)
14. World War Zombie (Spanish Version)
15. Necroanimale (Spanish Version)
16. Padre Maniaco (Spanish Version)
17. Laboratorio Cristalitos (cover Brujeria Italian Version)

Self released
Reviewer: Micke
Oct 15, 2009

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