Labyrinth Entrance – Monumental Bitterness

"Monumental Bitterness" is the debut full length from one man black metal project Labyrinth Entrance. The brainchild of Adam Ronij aka Hunger who is also the bass player in blackened death metallers Stillborn.

"Monumental Bitterness" is a concept album of sorts, it has 6 tracks titled 'Canto' 0 through to 5 (or V as its labelled) so the album really is one piece in 6 parts. It’s a dark dreary claustrophobic album in the tradition of latter day Celtic Frost. The album builds up the atmosphere and tension on the first couple of tracks and really hits its stride on 'Canto III' this is when the big riffs and big melodies come out and it feels like everything has come into place at this point and the album comes to a pummelling climax on closer 'Canto V'.

"Monumental Bitterness" is an odd one because it’s main strength and weakness is the same thing as in it works best listened to as a whole and it does work that way but on the flip side its lack of standout individual songs makes the album lack memorability and desire for repeated listens.

It’s best reserved for a certain mood and requires undivided attention, there’s no rocking out here. It’s a dense thick book, it’s a journey but as long as you are aware of that it’s an enjoyable experience and worth undertaking.

All in all it is something different and worth checking out. The album sounds exactly like how the album cover looks dark, dense, mournful and sinister. Abandon all hope ye who enter……

  1. Canto 0
  2. Canto I
  3. Canto II
  4. Canto III
  5. Canto IV
  6. Canto V