Lana Lane - Lady Macbeth

Celebrating her 10 year existence with a new album (and written her part of the songs) with the help of some est. names in the rock/metal scene. Some of them could easily be played on national airstations. On this album you can hear songs that are based in the heavy rock with some metal edges. Nice atmospheric guitarleads and prominent keys. Very melodic stuctures and sensative vocals make this an album to listen to and includes a videoclip to watch.

1. The dream that never ends
2. Someone to believe
3. Our time now
4. Summon the devil
5. No tomorrow
6. Shine on golden sun
7. The vision
8. Keeper of the flame
9. We had the world
10. Dunsinane walls

Someone To Believe video

Frontiers Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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