Laniena Mentis - Turn Into A Man

Brutal and technical death metal from Laniena Mentis. Is is there 2nd album although the band is new to me. Fast and rich songs with brutal vocals, hammering drums and sharp guitars with leads done by Michal of Fleshless. There are also some keyboards in some songs but you have to listen closely. Various tempos in the songs and dwelling melodies. Nice album to listen to although the last two tracks may be delete for me.

1. Turn into a man
2. Cancer of will
3. Deep-dyed tracks
4. Symbol of salvation
5. Dream work
7. I help the truth to born
8. Perfection tame
9. Unfeignet fear
10. Shambles remix 6376
11. Of side

Nice To Eat You Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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