Lantern - Dimensions

The wait is over! Finally the Finnish black / death metallers Lantern return with their third full length album. "Dimensions" will be out via Dark Descent Records in the next days.

Certainly many steps forward have been made, and the band's compositional path has been consolidated within these extreme sounds. The monolithic production gives the album that feeling of evil and obsession and everything is supported by a refined and terribly sulphurous riffing.

The 6 very heavy tracks of this album lead us to discover territories ranging from black, to death up to impressive doom passages. Lanterns literally take us to their world of death, horror scores and references to occultism. The penetrating and almost narrative voice of Necrophilos (which moves between grunts, screams, moans and growls..) adds that touch of inquisitiveness to each song.

Each song has its own groove that faithfully accompanies the listener in the limbo created by the band. They are one of the few bands out there capable of creating this kind of atmosphere while dealing with a genre that is not easy to build to get out of the dogmas of style.

'Cauldron Of Souls' is the perfect example of how our Lanterns play (and know how to play). Perhaps deliberately placed in the middle of the album, it hides all the malice and darkness of this album, but with a hint of chilling melody. The same continues with the following 'Shrine Of Revelation' .. Crazy!

“Dimensions” is one of the most exciting and memorable releases of this year. They are certainly, and certainly, on another planet than many other bands.

The cult in the cult of black / death metal. A truly unique experience to live and share.


4.5 / 5 STARS


1. Strange Nebula
2. Beings
3. Portraits
4. Cauldron Of Souls
5. Shrine Of Revelation
6. Monolithic Abyssal Dimensions