Last Fear - Incidents

This is Dutch technical death metal, a fresh release with a barmy delivery from four guys and one female vocalist, namely Lisa Leerkamp. This is a very intense and pleasing experience, the style makes me think of the classic Florida and east coast scene as there is plenty of angst, choppy guitar riffs and pummelling drum sections to shake your foundations.

‘Make Up & Cut Up’ certainly harbours a few Deicide and Cannibal Corpse-isms, with its thick and muddy sound and delivery. Heavily compressed guitars give the impression of a taught sense of reality, which works out fine as this leads yours ears to find the guitar riffs more easily, something that should be heralded on this release. Possessing the art of mixing brutality with melody is also another key factor, when you think a song is going to go one way, there is a nice change of pace that keeps the quality interest high. ‘Feed Me’ is one of those tracks that sparks an earthquake, a slight bass guitar slide then some groovy guitar work quickly leads into a frantic riff delivery that has plenty of stamina. ‘Social Suffocation’ follows a similar path of destruction, it’s another bout of gore obsessed (no pun intended!) lyrical and musical prowess with a few screams that reminds me of Death (the band) and even Obituary but with more momentum.

This wheat stands out from the scenes clutter of chaff and is professionally mixed, professionally delivered and sorted into a positive death metal musical experience. The trailblazers have been here before but this sounds fresh, exciting and provides more than enough of your required brutality intake.

  1. Experimental Supremacy
  2. Passing The Boiling Point
  3. Make Up & Cut Up
  4. Social Suffocation
  5. Freshly Mutilated
  6. Ignorant Surgery
  7. Feed Me
  8. Last Intended Victim
  9. 26

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 10, 2014

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