Lathspell - Reborn In Retaliation

Cold as ice, Black Metal from Finland. Lathspell present good old school sounding black metal that is raw satanic purity. Current line-up: Ruho (J. Marjamäki) - Guitar, Grim666 (A. Klemm) - Bass (did vocals on earlier works), Lima (J. Pykälä-aho) - Drums.

Lathspell's "Reborn In Retaliation" will not disappoint true fans of black metal blasphemy with it's chilling and hateful sounds. Grimm melodies and very strong vocals make this album work. I like the evil mystical feel of this 5 track and would recommend this album to anyone who wants something new but is not looking for a new sound. If you are a fan of classic black metal you will LOVE "Reborn In Retaliation".

Being a true sucker for what this album is about and the sound, atmostpher and emotion that is given here I must give this a 5/5 no doubt.


Excesor Christianorum Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Jan 15, 2010

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