Le Grand Guignol - The Great Maddening

This band from Luxembourg has recently changed their moniker from Vindsval to Le grand Guignol. Now this band offers some really cool music. Not really original, in the sense that other bands have already experimented with this style, but if one is into theatrical/operatic-in-a-sort-of-way feel, this band is a must listen. I said theatrical, but that does not mean that the style is a mallow one. In fact, the metal element is really powerful here... and very flowing, even. There is a blend of different styles in their music, ranging from black metal to classical and gothic. Definitely, these guys have potential! People... watch out for this band!

1. Cirqus L.
2. Degenesis (Amor & Seuche)
3. Dimension: Canvas
4. Mens Insana In Corpore Insano
5. Madness And Her Thousand Young
6. The Healing Process
7. Finis Coronat Opus
8. I, Who Brought Forth Myself
9. Alsuntia
10. Lucilinburhuc
11. In, Beyond Or Through

Maddening Media Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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