Lecherous Nocturne – The Age Of Miracles Has Passed

Brutal grinding death metal from South Carolina is what these Lecherous Nocturne offer with their second full length and we are in front of an unrelenting firestorm without any compromise. Without any doubt one of the most abrasive and killer albums of the last years... and again on Unique Leader Records. The guitars work continually like a couple of chainsaws, with violent, solid and interlocking riffs; the drumming is always powerful, perfect and simply inhuman. The whole album runs at full speed with only few exceptions like the great “The Age Of Miracles Has Pas” and other short breaks. But two peculiarities exalt this product: the first one is the black metal feeling that sometimes emerges from the guitars with its wonderful dark touch; the second one is a really skilled frontman and his wide range of vocal effects and styles. Killer and original: don’t waste your time and buy it. Exciting!

1. Just War Theory
2. We Are As Dust
3. When Single Shines The Trip
4. Edict Of Worms
5. The Age Of Miracles Has Pas
6. Requiem For The Insects
7. Death Hurts Only The Living
8. The Preponderance Of Fire
Unique Leader Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 26, 2009

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