Lefutray - Human Delusions

Raging onto the scene in 2006 with their first, self-titled, EP, Lefutray brought forth their version of modern thrash, death, groove to world for us to enjoy. Fast forward thirteen years and a few line-up changes to 2019 and we get the fourth and brand new full length album, and first for Massacre Records, from these fine fellows from Santiago, Chile with Human Delusions.

Lefutray's name translates to fast sound in the MapudungĂșn language and that is exactly what you get with this band. Fast, uptempo thrashy riffs and fast paced to blasting drums. They are pretty much what you would call a mix of Lamb Of God, Testament, Meshuggah, some Pantera and a touch of classic Swedish death for good measure.

'The Wrath' kicks off the record with a track that sounds like Lamb Of God and At The Gates teamed and had a aggressive love child. You have riffs that trade off between sounding like modern thrash and melodic Swedish death to start this album off with a bang.

'The Wolves' is a thrashed out, banger of a track with a very catchy riff, so much so that you may actually find yourself humming it later. More Modern Thrash mixed with Darkest Hour styled metalcore, it's fast and it rips.

'Wires' honestly sound like it could be a Lamb Of God track off of an album like Sacrament. Reminds me of 'Walk With Me In Hell,' especially the ending.

'The Mist' is like "Demonic"/"The Gathering" era Testament with a touch of that modern thrash attack added. This track rips, horns in the air, head bangingly good.

'Wild' is another track that reminds of Lamb Of God the most. Really nothing more to add here.

'Labyrinth' binges on Swedish death the most of any track on this album. They still infuse their own touches of thrash but it is still the most death thing on this album and it rages.

'The Waiting' brings out Lefutray's love for Meshuggah. While not exactly being like Meshuggah, this song is more Meshuggah than thrash but still has some thrash sprinkles.

'New Blood' is Lamb Of God and Meshuggah, plain and simple.

'The Mirage' ends the album as an instrumental outro that could be at home on some old school death metal album. Mostly reminds me of Dead Congregation, kind of a droning riff that we fade into and out.

The production of Human Delusions is beautiful, it honestly sounds great. Every note, drum hit, syllable and nuance is clearly heard and at the correct level. It just sounds good to the ear when everything is done right.

Now while Lefutray may not be my cup of tea for the most part they are very, very good at what they do. "Human Delusions" is a very solid album from a really good band.


1. The Wrath
2. The Wolves
3. Wires
4. The Mist
5. Wild
6. Labyrinth
7. The Waiting
8. New Blood
9. The Mirage