Lefutray - Last Breath

To hear Lefutray is to hear a cross between Sepultura (Max era) and Skinlab: a thick, churning sound with snarled vocals that sounds like a Harcore and Groove Metal mixed together. On their latest offering- 'Last Breath'- fans will hear a good mix of rhythms such as on "Aint Part Of It" which is more rock and groove oriented, though slightly repetitive, and a heavier, more Metal oriented track like "Through Your Veins" that still features plenty of melody and is Thrash/ Metalcore tinged. It doesn't necessarily break ground or waves, but those who enjoyed the thick accessible sound of the late 90s Metal that some claimed was a Thrash ripoff before Groove Metal was really established will find 'Last Breath' highly enjoyable to hear. The comparisons to Sepultura vocals are astounding as it somewhat feels like 'Chaos AD' all over again, minus the tribal elements. However, in a time when Modern Metal is pushing boundaries as far as melodies go and musical ideas, Lefutray may seem a bit bland when considering a band like Lamb Of God or Opeth.

Still, for a Groove Metal band, Lefutray accomplishes exactly what it needs to with being suited for the genre. It is still very accesible for those who are still in that transition from Hard Rock to Metal and just need that right amount of rhythm to feel comfortable rather than like they're jumping off a cliff into water, and the production is clean enough that the music can be heard without complaints. The only downside may be that it tends to stay rooted in one direction- very similar to the last album in 2008- so those who are used to them may have been hoping for something a bit more progressive and new fans may think they've heard it all before, but Lefutray play hard with their new album and create enough of a brutal atmosphere that it is still enjoyable without feeling cliche.


  1. Intro
  2. Agreement Of Suffering
  3. Immersed
  4. Aint Part Of It
  5. 263
  6. I Feed Your Eyes
  7. Rats And Vultures
  8. Through Your Veins
  9. Hunter
  10. Screaming In Silence