Legions Of Crows - Stab Me

This UK based black metal/down tempo/industrial outfit have released this album on Funeral Rain Records. With elements of doom metal intertwined with whatever he wants, this one-man band led by Attila sticks to a manifesto on MySpace that includes a reverence of black/doom metal.

This album is very dark and very hard to listen to. Although the instrumentals are there, they don’t seem to mesh with anything, not even each other, creating a disorganised and multilayered sound that traps you from the start. Although they are well-played, it’s hard to distinguish one from another, and this seems to be his intent.

The vocals range from loud and screechy, to the spoken voice interludes that pepper each and every song. The songs all slide into each other, so there is also the difficulty of discovering where one track starts and another ends, and this doesn’t help with the cacophonous beginning. The third track, Defecate, however, is a revelation, with a simple guitar-led intro enchanting the listener. The slow addition of drums and other instruments suits the song’s subtle power. This continues until the cacophony begins new, and this then ruins this song, which is a shame as it had a lot of potential as a more melodic piece of doom metal.

This occurs frequently throughout, and there is no real sign of his talents showing through, which is a shame but one that has to be taken into account when listening to this mishmash of an album.

  1. Provident Hymn/ Malediction
  2. Fellating The Lamb
  3. Defecate
  4. Carrion Pond Drove
  5. Legions Of Crows
  6. Bullshit Acres
  7. Dull Grey
  8. Coventry Carol