Leichi.K.O.va - Introspection

Winner of this years contect of strange bandnames Leichi.K.O.va from France deliver us their new CD. Groovrocking hardcore and metal expressed with moshing guitarriffs, dragging drum and bassguitar combinations and powerfull raw hardcore screaming in the french language. Some escapes to faster tempos, floating melodic guitarparts and experimental electronic resting points bring diversity. Dynamic CD with artistic performance, catchy songs and massive production.

1. (Intro)spection
2. (T)oxic (V)ision
3. Gout amer
4. Jamais
5. Rock n' roll
6. (Inter)spection
7. In my life
8. Take the time
9. Authority
10. Asphyxie
11. (Outro)spection

Syncope managment
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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