Lelahell - Al Insane....The (Re)Birth Of Abderrahmane

Hailing from Algeria and with one EP under their belt Lelahell unleash their debut full length. "Al Insane.." in many ways is a near perfect death metal album. It's a bold way to start a review but it really does tick all the boxes. Lelahell are a three piece so their music is tight and concise with a no nonsense approach and the production is raw and live sounding it's not over clean and bold like a death metal release from a major label but that add's to it's appeal.

The band deliver death metal with a rawness and just enough technicality, melody and atmosphere to keep you interested from track to track. At 40 minutes it does it's job and leave's the listener wanting more. From the brutality of the opening track 'Al Intissar' to the awesome melodic climax's of 'Kalimet Essir' and 'Hynose'. There is a middle eastern feel also which is obviously natural but there are sections and interludes which give a feeling reminesent of a Nile album. I'm not sure if it's throughout the album but there are moment's where frontman Lelahell sings in his native tongue and it sound's great in a death metal growl. The language and pronunciation's give the vocal's a vibrant and exciting feel that's refreshing and unique. The best tracks are actually as you get towards the end of the album. Tracks such as 'Hillal' and 'Black Hands' are actually the catchiest!

As I stated earlier the album has a little bit of everything. It's dark, heavy. There's fantastic musicianship on display from all member's as well as some great melodies. It has a great desert feel to it. You can almost smell the heat and feel the sand storm blowing. You can really tell there is a passion on display and you can just tell the band love what they do. It's infectious!

While they are not quite as potent, think of a more straight forward Immolation or Nile and your there. A great album from a band that could get overlooked so check them out. A refreshing, original death metal album that's  worth your attention!

  1. Mazaghran
  2. Al Intissar
  3. Voices Revealed
  4. Kalimet Essir
  5. Hynose
  6. Imzad
  7. Am I In Hell?
  8. Hillal
  9. Black Hands
  10. Mizmar