Leptotrichia vs Amputated - Split

On this new British label comes a nice split CD with two brutal bands. Leptotrichia (Belgium) kicks off with 4 hyper brutal songs. Deep vocals over fast songs with intense drumming and sharky guitars. Miss the guitarleads in the songs. Tempo breaks for some resting points but not for long. Nice songs.

Amputated is from the UK and also plays brutal death metal like the Belgian brothers. Amputated is doing 5 songs and some of them are enriched by intros (did you hear the fart in track 6?). Ultra vomitous vocals, tempo changing songs with raving guitars and heavy drumming. Also here the guitarleads are missing. Brutal stuff.

Two bands that are keeping the brutal death metal scene alive.

1. Peg out in gastric juice
2. A lost lamb
3. Surviving the fourfold fitted fistfuck
4. Hail blood red massacre

5. Love em and cleave em
6. Amputated
7. Morbid mutilation
8. Raped with a jackhammer
9. Semtex enema

IBD Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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