Lethal Fire - Vengeance Is Mine!

Alex Giraldo, according to their official web site was a one man band recording the guitars, bass, vocals along with computerized drumming. This demo was solely to promote the band and attract other members who could fill in the official positions of the act instead of Alex having to do everything on his own in the recording studio (Signo Records/Ibague, Columbia).

I'd say that the guitars (bass and electric) were pretty much in synchrony with the rest of the instruments though I think the bass could've been a little bit lower and vocals needed more intensity/variety. Alex wrote some damn good riffs plus the clean guitar work sounded great! Lethal Fire will be recording a full-length entitled ("Rain Of Fire") which includes a guest vocalist (Leo Pinzon), drums done by Oscar Labrador and Alex Giraldo (bass and guitars). It will be featured on Eternal Night Records.

Lethal Fire has been around since 1997 with Alex pretty much did all the work to make this demo. Despite the production sound I was pleased with the guitar riffs plus the vocals were very doomish making the cross between Thrash Metal mixed in with Death Metal vox. The lyrics were very well written even a bit of Philosophy based on Frederick Nietzsche! It isn't often that we find a band like this with lyics that were meaningful. They were definitely well thought out.

I'd have to conclude that Alex has a load of potenial which will be heard not only by these demo tracks but when "Rain Of Fire" is released! Check out their official page and MySpace link!

1. Into Battlefields
2. Terrorland
3. Midnight Souls (instrumental)   
4. Maldad

Self released
Reviewer: Death8699
Aug 9, 2010
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