Lethal Saint - Lethal Saint

Newsflash - Cyprus has its own traditional metal warriors – Lethal Saint. Not having heard of this band before and a-kin of a style I know oh-so-well, its good to hear the NWOTHM travelling to more countries than was once thought possible. As I have found less than 40 bands listed as hailing from this Mediterranean island the influences from Lethal Saint take you to England’s glory days and also to the current crop of NWOTHM bands like Cauldron, Enforcer, Helvetets Port (without the cheesy spandex!) and England’s Dark Forest. Forging ahead, it is clear that the production however is very thin, whether this is by choice or not, it just sounds dated and cheap. Andreas Pougioukkas on vocals is very loud in the mix, sometimes highlighting some limitations of his range, power up the bass then you hear the band somewhat more than being in the background. All the classic (expected) elements are here, songs of good and evil, demons and ‘Heavy Metal Knights’. This tune just cries out to be yelled at the top of your voice when the chorus kicks in, made for the stage. I suppose if you don’t take on board these traits you don’t seen to cut the mustard it does seem in today’s re-branding of this classic style. However, whether young or old, keeping a simple image can also lead to fruition, take ‘Rock n’ Roll Survivor’. This starts out like Diamond Head or Angelwitch, then going down the tracks of stadium beckoning rock progresses into another sing along, many-a galloping rhythm one after the other, shape throwing showmanship riffs and screams and of course acoustic passages which are sometimes a must have heavy metal head banging requirement in epic song arrangements.

Standing out for what it is, a classic metal album, it’s a good rendition, but as I mentioned the production is a little thin and there is still some development required in their sound, however, Lethal Saint battle the evil one and thrust their guitar axes into the air and claim victory for the one supreme entity… heavy metal!

1. Chains Of The Devil
2. Final Prayer
3. Thunder Strikes
4. Evil Inside
5. Heavy Metal Knights
6. You’re A Sinner
7. Night Of The Sin
8. Rock N’ Roll Survivor
9. Visions In The Night
10. Midnight Warriors
11. Wild In The Night
12. Lethal Saint

Pitch Black Records
Reviewer: twansibon
May 5, 2010

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