Leviathan - Scar Sighted

Leviathan is a party I have arrived very late to, this is the first album I have heard by this one man project so I have no real perspective on where this album sits in the catalogue, after reading some other reviews however I get the general consensus that long term fans felt the previous album was not up to par for whatever reason and this album is getting the “return to form” thumbs up and some even “best album yet” tags are getting thrown round. All I can say from my view is that this album completely blew me away and it’s made me want to buy everything Leviathan has done!

Leviathan as I stated earlier is a one man project which comes from the mind of Jef “Wrest” Stuart. “Scar Sighted” is everything modern Black Metal should be in my eyes, if you are going to pay homage to more traditional values and want to stick to a style of a certain time that’s fine but if you are truly looking to evolve and push the genre forward, bands or projects such as this in my eyes are the way to go. This album is a spectacular piece of work. Its so multi layered and visit’s both sides of the spectrum, it swings between to euphoric and beautiful to the tortured and demented.

When the song 'Dawn Vibration' comes together and the scream kicks in it sounds like the world falling apart, the album pulls you through a twisted journey through hell, you’re hit with a wall of sound yet amongst all the chaos there are some wonderful, ambient, dare I say it beautiful moments! A prime example of this is towards the end of 'Gardens Of Coprolite' where the song builds this wonderful moment of calm. Speaking of calm, what I feel is the albums highlight and if I were to point you to one song on the album which sums the album up brilliantly it’s the track 'Wicked Fields Of Calm' if you could take the most twisted piece of music you can think of and layered over the top is this peaceful plucking of strings. It’s when the two opposite extremes come together and complement each other and to top it all off it’s actually catchy! The extra cherry on top also is this awesome bluesy riff that is thrown into the mid section; it places this brilliant little groove before kicking back into the onslaught! 'Within Thrall' is a more traditional or classic black metal track which brings to mind early Gorgoroth or Darkthrone.

Also it’s worth pointing out that this is well worth making the investment of a physical copy. I can only imagine what the vinyl has but the CD is beautifully presented, it comes in a small box with the CD in a sleeve and instead of a booklet you get a double sided card with an art print one side and lyrics/liner notes the other. All the art prints are stunning and also done by Jef Stuart.

This album has everything it captures everything which is “Extreme” it’s an extreme album that has everything. It’s an album to get your teeth into and delve into and revisit over and over.

  1. -
  2. The Smoke Of Their Torment
  3. Dawn Vibration
  4. Gardens Of Coprolite
  5. Wicked Fields Of Calm
  6. Within Thrall
  7. A Veil Is Lifted
  8. Scar Sighted
  9. All Tongues Toward
  10. Aphōnos