Lex Talionis - The Supreme Aggression

Second album of these French metalists formed i 1996. They mix extreme metal with some classic influences like a piano. The drums are done by a machine and it goes mostly of time at full speed. Also the guitars are fast and short riffing, almost like a stitchingmachine. But they play some nice calssic riffs in the songs (best part of the music) but most of the time the songs are battered in your ears with brutal vocals and the raging machinery sound. Don't know if many people like this kind of metal but it is difficult to listen the 8 tracks at once. An album you have to listen first.

1. Endless end
2. Soul mirror
3. Strength and honour
4. Cyborg
5. Rises the soul of nature immortal myth
6. Leaving the grave of submission
7. Dommed to kill
8. Eternal shadow of mute desire

Deadsun Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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