Lincoln Love Log - Illnoise 2-piece BBQ

Between all neat, overproduced metalreleases nowadays, the sick maniacs of Lincoln Love Log (U.S.A.) deliver dirt and rotten meat. Psychedelic guitarriffs together with easy and groovy drumstyle have a hypnotising effect on your brain with the sole purpose to put it on the BBQ afterwards. The lyrics that are thrown at you by twisted screams, horrific clean vocals and pitched barks from the grave. As obscure as the bandname and artwork is the dirty rotten sound obviously created to give this piece of unique metal the atmophere it needs. Not for weak ears or people who don't eat meat. Underground as fuck, obscurity guaranteed!!!

1. In your skin
2. My sweet BBQ
3. Too penetrate
4. Dis-in-boweled
5. Double headed dildo
6. Dark basement
7. BBQ lust
8. The way in
9. Camel toe
10. In my sewer
11. Entering large spaces
12. Gore-may
13. Pink taco
14. Dutch oven

Black Hole Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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