Lipid - Hagridden

Formed in the nineties these guys are now ready to deliver their debut. On this disc these Danish metallers remastered their previous demos to let us part of their attack. Lipid plays nowadays metal but with some links to the old thrash legends. The songs are based on strong melodic guitarriffing, some good guitarleads (track 3), heavy drums and aggressive vocals. To avoid being boring the songs have some strong melodies and tempo changes. Nice debut and sure worth checking out.

1. F.P.M.
2. Cathartic rage
3. Hagridden
4. Hostile takeover
5. Prevail through loss
6. Like father like son
7. Horrorscope
8. God we have slain
9. Spontaneous human combustion
10. Distrust

Casket Music
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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