Liquid Skull - Abscessive Autopsy

California, USA’s Liquid Skull has an EP out, self released, entitled ABSCESSIVE AUTOPSY, and is certainly a non-album in terms of production value or creative darkness. I will often forgive a band for low-fi recording if their angst is high or their textures are diverse. Liquid Skull has none of these positive attributes. I mean, the EP plays but it might as well not play. And the fact that the band declares on its myspace page that it is on “indefinite hiatus,” implies to me that the band is moving on. It should. The growls are generic, the riffs are amateur, and the beats are boring. Enough said. I want to move on now too.

1. Artery Corruption
2. Protoplasmic Perfection
3. Psychopathology
4. Spinalectomy

Self released
Reviewer: Jesse
Feb 26, 2009
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