Little Dead Bertha - In Memorium Premortis

Little Dead Bertha is a Russian metal band that was founded in 1994 and played thrash metal. When a second guitarist and a violin player were add to the band they switched style to dark doom death like My Dying Bride, Amorphis or Paradise Lost. This album was originally released as a tape but here in 2007 it is remastered and put on CD.
The sound is good and clean and not so heavy as they are used to do it these days. The songs are slicing with the guitar riffs with a grumming grunt over it. Atmospheric melody is created in the riffs and the violin phases besides the coldness of life by the male vocals. Tempo is as doom should be mostly mid paced but there are rapids like in the track "Get To Like Me".
As this album was originally from 1998 with less sound quality and the band has evolved to other music paths, this release is interesting for the real fans and for those who like to hear an obscure 90 doom death metal album.

1. Intro
2. Pipe
3. Your Faith Is Pain
4. Get To Like Me
5. In Memorium Premortis
6. Wind In Emptiness
7. My Naked Ideal
8. Dreams Now Comfort For Defunct
9. Sentence Of Suffering

Stygian Crypt Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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