Lividity - The Cumplete Demography 1994-2005

Lividity are band that have a special place close to my heart although recent offerings, i have not been overly fussed on, however they are a band that i am fond of and have been for many years. This little jem is for the devout fan. The Cumplete Demography spans from the earliest inception of lividity as a 1 man slam band to the death grind beast they are today. This release covers from the years 1994 to 2005 and bloody hell its jammed packed to the throat of old school Lividity lovelies. Alot of hardcore fans will relish the fact of owning these rarities on an offical release and not have to hunt for some old bootleg cd or perhaps an old demo tape.

So here they all are on one big kickass disc. As mentioned before the disc covers the time period in the band`s career from 1994 to 2005 and in this disc, the tracks are from the ultra rare LIVIDITY promo 94 (one man project), the Ritual of Mortal Impalement / split with MORGUE FETUS from 1995, unreleased Ritual of Mortal Impalement sessions 95, rehearsals 95, the split 7" with TERRORISM, live Ohio Deathfest 99, the split 7" with PROFANITY, live 2003 from Czech Rep., live in Lyss Switzerland 2004, Pussy Lover live edition from the Illinois Metalfest 2004 featuring Shaun LaCanne of PUTRID PILE on vox, the Used, Abused and Left for Dead rehearsals, and an unknown studio test track which became known as "deviant pleasures" from 2003. Im deeply honoured to say i have been to some of the shows included in the package though i have to say the recording doesnt do the band justice live. Which for the record, they slay! Also which is a very cool extra in the package is liner notes from founding member, Dave Kibler.

The Cumplete Demography comes with an 8 page booklet filled to the brim with all line ups to date, pictures of old flyers,tickets and posters from gigs long gone by. I have to say as ive already stated before in a previous review that i am a devout fan of the matt bishop years of Lividity, its was so cool to hear him back at the helm with his quick witted humour and on stage banter. I miss it so but hey its nostalgia if anything. The package artwork on this is killer its gotta be said, very simple but straight to the point. hahahha surely its a tshirt already!?
This is a fantastic classic collection of demos that is an absolute for any die hard fan of lividity. That saying, its a bad place to start for any new person discovering the band for the first time as alot of the recordings are somewhat a lil rough round the edges and its for this,  im taking a mark off but a quality release with alot of charm nonetheless. After all, its not about satan, its about pussy right!? hahaha

Its worth mentioning that this is the first release of greek label, Taphos Prods, this cd being 001. So get on over to the myspace and order yourself a copy and support this new underground label.

1. Mortal Impalement 05:35 
2. Altar Pieces 05:15 
3. Graveyard Delicacy 01:03 
4. The Urge To Splurge 01:39 
5. Food 02:09 
6. Process Of Disembowelment 00:39 
7. Feasting On Mankind 00:56 
8. Immortal Impact 01:18 
9. Exhume Faith 01:18 
10. Devour Humanity 01:10 
11. Tampered Flesh 01:34 
12. Immortal Impact (live rehearsal) 01:16 
13. Food (live rehearsal) 02:11 
14. Graveyard Delicacy (live rehearsal) 00:59 
15. The Urge To Splurge (live rehearsal) 01:12 
16. Tampered Flesh (live rehearsal) 01:34 
17. Suffocation By Shrinkwrap 00:24 
18. Bled Like A Stuck Pig 00:15 
19. Let’s Eat! 00:06 
20. Orifice Reconstruction (live) 03:10 
21. Brains For Lubrication (live) 02:41 
22. Sodomy Ritual (live) 03:34 
23. Bloody Pit Of Horror (Impetigo cover) 03:12 
24. The Urge To Splurge 00:58 
25. Stench Of Virginity 03:28 
26. Coated With My Semen (live) 04:17 
27. A Woman’s Place Is On My Face (live) 03:26 
28. Snack Size Tits (live) 00:56 
29. Randomly Raped Rectum (live) 01:53 

Taphos Prods
Reviewer: Connor
Jun 14, 2010

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