Lividity - To Desecrate And Defile

I gotta say I'm kinda biased when it comes to Lividity as I much preferred the Matt Bishop days, I preferred the music and his approach to it all but I gotta review this CD for what it is so here goes...

Upon hearing the CD, the production is quite crisp and punchy. It's very heavy which to me is what counts. The drums sound alittle too triggered to my liking but these days thats a cert anyway. The guitars are also very clear and heavy and tear through ya like a rusty ol chainsaw. I do like the fact that you can hear the bass rumbling away quite nicely in the middle of the mix which I think's very cool. And now to the part that gets me.......... Vons vocals. It's not that I don't like them, I'm a huge fan of his own band, Deaden. I just can't convince myself he is the vocalist for Lividity even though this is his 2nd full length with the band. The vocals are deep and tremendously guttural however the sound layered up to hell at times and I think it sounds almost too much?  But realistically a minor detail in it all. At times this CD sounds like a goregrind CD with so many gurggled vocals going on.

I gotta say I quite liked the last album "Used, Abused And Left For Dead" but I find the songs on this latest effort not as catchy, granted, this CD is alot more brutal but it just doesn't suck the listener in as much. Gone are the catchy hooks and breakdowns that once captivated this listener in his younger years. At this stage of the game the whole porno sample thing has been done to death and almost chore-like in monotony.

It's an alright CD, I wouldn't rush out to get the CD but all I can say is.............. come back old Lividity i miss thee!!!!!!!!

1. Sword Of Sodomy
2. Adapting The Flesh
3. Surround By Disgust
4. Dismantle The Carcass
5. Cadaver Dogs
6. Mass Genocide
7. Gut The Slut Before I Fuck
8. Funerary Chambers
9. Engorged With Blood (To Fill You With My Semen)
10. Orgasmic Flesh Feed
11. Wie Krieger Sterben (cover Blood)
12. Roman Whores (cover Blood)
13. Inner Fetal Dismembermen

War Anthem Records
Reviewer: Connor
Mar 7, 2010

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