Loits - Must Album

Dirty, mid paced, sludgy, dark metal! Well at least thats what it feels like. The presentation of the music and vocals has a confining and depressive kind of vibe about it. Almost like all hope had been lost. Quality production bring every note and every verse to life, amplifying the exempliary musicianship of Lotis as a band. From my perspective, this is a band more interested in making great songs as oppose to playing them at 50 million miles an hour. Lotis is a group that can produce the same kind of emotion and atmosphere that many dark and black metal bands produce-only Lotis seems to do it better, and not as showboaty. Bravo! Must Album is a justifiable title-you Must have this Album. Great fucking record-I hope to see this band play along side, Bolt Thrower Candelmass, Malsain, and a ton of others that would take up too much room. This is an album worthy of your attention.

1. Emaraud
2. Soomusronglase Silmis
3. Suudelda Neidu
4. Kiri Kaevikust
5. Ei Kahetse Midagi
6. Veealune Valss
7. Peegli Ees
8. Surmarestoran
9. Oolaul

Nailboard Records
Reviewer: Rick
Feb 26, 2009

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