Lost In Alaska - Time Of Sollution

When breakdowns cover pretty much 90% of your songs, you can only really narrow the genre down to either metalcore, or hardcore, in which forces Lost In Alaska to enter that deathcore genre; probably one of the most hated upon genres in the history of music. Putting that aside, Lost In Alaska's three-tracked EP 'Time Of Solution' isn't actually that bad. The downfall of the EP is that the variety is terrible, for me the three tracks sound nearly exactly the same. However, the songs aren't bad, there's tons of melody chucked in - forcing Lost In Alaska to sound nearly like other deathcore bands i.e Years Since The Storm, and even Despised Icon at times.

If you're open to genres I would recommend checking out at least one song from these monstrous newcomers to the scene, but listen to it with an open mind. The drumming is tight, and probably the most intense factor of the band. Guitars are so majestic at times - opening magical elements of diverse creativity, enabling Lost In Alaska to score themselves their own unique sound. Vocals however are a tad of a disappointment, sound very boring with usually just one style of tone. Throw in some highs and squeals and you might be onto a winner with this one. There is luck for the future of Lost In Alaska upon their future efforts, and I shall be keeping an eye on their next release, on the hope that some more interesting, diversity is added. Until then, this EP is enough to keep the die-hard deathcore fans happy.

1. The Inevitable Changes
2. Time Of Solution
3. Pursuit Of Happiness