Lost World Order - Parasites

This German thrash/death metal band hit the scene in 200 and shot out their first album later that year. Parasites is their third album and the latest to hit the metal scene.

This mix of thrash and death bring new life to the German and European metal scene. Hard punching guitars and continual drums back a talented vocalist with the ability to work from hard and husky, to deep and then back up the scale again, one kill not often seen in vocalists of thrash/death nowadays.

Unlike a lot of thrash, these boys know how to take the sound and make it new without repetition taking over. The riffs are fresh and clean, as is the ever present drum/bass rhythm section, which brings all the elements together as the vocals burst onto the scene. As well as skilled musicians, this album shows them as skilful composers, able to turn their hand to anything innovative and special.

The anthemic quality of the hooks and chorus of many of their songs adds to their calibre not only as thrash metallers, but also heavy metallers. They’ve taken advantage of Germany’s rich metal roots and taken their work to the next level – wowing fans new and old. Strangely, some of their songs also have a Mercyful Fate quality to them, with the storyline within each other instead of the whole album, which again is innovative and special.


  1. Before The Light
  2. Shadows At The Graveyard
  3. Parasites
  4. Resurrection (Of The Order)
  5. Ritual
  6. Coma
  7. Dependence Day
  8. Agents Of Betrayal
  9. Merciless (A Brutal Finale)
  10. The Disowned Son