Lucid Dream - Visions From Cosmos 11

Lucid Dream is a Prog/ Heavy Metal band from Italy who merge the sounds of groups like Rush, Wolfmother, and other highly melodic acts all the way to Led Zepplin with a strong perchant to letting the guitar solos take the lead on the songs. Throughout the album 'Visions From Cosmos 11' the band tries to stay away from the cliche, spacey prog elements and instead just focus on simple, yet effective rhythms while still changing up the sound constantly so it doesn't feel like upbeat Sludge Metal. The opening track "Holy Rage" features a very simple chugging that is deep and a bit fuzzed out, much like how older Heavy Metal such as Black Sabbath usually perform, but then the guitar solo comes in and it is much more technical and lively, bringing listeners out of their state of montony. Other tracks like "Comos 11" have a more upbeat style to them that starts out heavy and then slows down to a much softer, more progressive style that sounds more like one of Queensryche's ballads, but refrains from being too overly dramatic or lovesick. And then there are some tracks like "Underground" that are just driving, sharp Heavy Metal anthems that will appeal to fans of Judas Priest.

One way Lucid Dream lets fans know that the guitar is the heart of the music is by including plenty of instrumentals. "Night Feel" is very acoustic, dreamy, and soft; a great interlude from the heavier tracks while still maintaining the progressive feel and not feeling out of place at all. The longer "Sun And Sun" is a bit grittier but carries the catchy tune of what makes other tracks like "Underground" so much fun to listen to. Here fans will akin the music to sounding a bit like John 5 or even Dream Theater's Jon Petrucci's instrumental work, minus the keyboards of course. The band does a beautiful job at keeping the flow going back and forth between just rapid churning and more jazzy, slower paces so listeners can really get a feel for the prog side without feeling that the track is just made up of three catchy, but well placed riffs that may excite at first, but after hearing the track over and over, begins to wear out. Certainly Lucid Dream makes sure that none of their music will wear out listeners on this disc at all, so if one is a fan of Prog. Metal or just Melodic Heavy Metal in general with maybe a few touches of Power Metal, then 'Visions From Cosmos 11' is definitely worth checking out.

  1. Holy Rage
  2. Cosmos 11
  3. Fallin'
  4. In The Moment
  5. Night Feel
  6. Get Up
  7. Underground
  8. Sun And Sun
  9. Through The Years


Self released
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Mar 15, 2012

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