Luctus - Rysys

Pure black metal with a slight hint of a thrash influence. Since it's humble beginnings back in 2001 when it was just a one man operation Lithuania's Luctus have grown into a full band and with a few change overs within it's unit have come a long way prior to their most recent full length "Rysys" (Sept. 2015) which is to my knowledge their 3rd full release.

"Rysys" is a fast, brutal and aggressive album filled with track themes of modern war, negative thought and emotions which tear you apart limb by limb building a power of controlled hate and fury which I find is best shown within the 4th track 'Bedvasiai'. "Rysys" rides you on the waters of time into the deep dark realms of the subconscious, bringing you to meet your darkest fears and lends you the strength to overcome those shadows.

If you want to listen to something that gives a primal sense of existence yet is very deep in dark spirituality (the album's name translates to Connection or being Connected), this is the album for you. Very cold and dark in atmosphere like working with the energy of the deep waters of the realm of Leviathan (demon/god) which is what this album's chaotic blackened watery image reminds me of).

I really love the rhyme of this album's entirety along with the change overs and especially the command of the infernal war like torturous vocals. If you're looking for prettiness, well - look elsewhere haha… Totally love this album, it made my day! Can give this no less than all the 5 stars.

  1. Šmėkla
  2. K.B.M.B
  3. Kvantinis Šuolis
  4. Bedvasiai
  5. Jie
  6. Kažkur Kitur