Luctus - Stotis

Luctus is a band who made their first effort in 2002 and I haven't heard of until now. Then again they come from Lithuania which is not exactly a hot spot for metal I suppose. Nothing against Eastern Europe of course. I'm sure the region has plenty to offer. What you have here is a 8 track album including the outro. Lyrics are sung in their native language. Maybe it's rough for them to translate certain things to English. "Stotis" is a solid black metal album all around. It kicks off with a d beat and goes into some blasting that dominates throughout. It's hard to find any criticism, as there really are no flaws anywhere. In a world where black metal has strayed the path considered true by some, this band stick to the traditional style sure not to disappoint.

Overall the band derive influences from Swedish, and Norwegian black metal I'd say with thrash elements thrown in. One might think Mayhem, Marduk, Carpathian Forest, Nokturnel Mortem, etc. Good screaching vocals that deliver the agony. They are a bit high in the mix, and at times could drown out the other instruments. Minor nitpicking. The guitarwork is very good. Interesting riffs. Lots of tremolo picked ideas with rhythm guitars carrying their weight. Drummer knows his stuff well, and balances out the chaos indeed. Sure this is not re-inventing the wheel, however it sounds tried and true. You can tell when the feeling is there and these guys have it. The production is great. It sounds clear, heavy and organic, the latter which I might emphasize. It's difficult to get into a release thats bogged down with too many studio gimmicks, and there's none here. Matter of fact, there's only slight keyboard use that adds atmosphere. I find with organic recordings the performance shines better. Similarly it is not a "basement" sounding effort. Everything packs a punch so you're gonna want to blast it loud.

Luctus is able to rise above. With more focus on variety they have big potential. It's a standard 45 minute release, and yet goes by quick. It gains more spins with time. For those searching for something that could have been spawned in the 90s with a modern feel, luck will have it you've stumbled upon it.

  1. Neziurek, Nezibek
  2. Audra Slenka Virs Miesto
  3. Mano Kumstis
  4. Mirusiu Zvaigzdziu Sviesoj
  5. Monotoniskas Juodmetalis
  6. Stotis
  7. Pakaruokliska Vienatve
  8. Outro

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Aug 28, 2013
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