Lupe - Burn

There are times when Art stands outside of the set borders. There are times when Art questions these borders. Who set them? Why? What for? For how long? Then Art questions itself. What is Art?

There are times when the Artist denies individuality to express art. One of the Artist's mains goals is to be set free to express Art. But how do someone gets free for the self? And how do someone gets free from the borders? Some of the most prolific figures in the History of Art simply let themselves go with the flow. This is not an act of desperation or resignation. On the contrary, it is a victorious revolutionary act.

Michalis Latoussakis, the man behind Lupe, is the vocalist and keyboard player of the Greek gothic rock band Mosquito. Lupe is his personal project, a dark passage in time and space, in painful experiences, in blood and desperation of everyday's life. A personal journey to exorcise the demons, based on spontaneous expression of feelings and using an improvisational form. Lupe decided to call their music Gothspel.

Lupe's songs are devastatingly heartbreaking and melancholically sad. Rivers of feelings, thoughts and emotions supressed, have turned to 10 demons put to notes and words; notes that have been spontaneously composed and words that have never been written in old notebooks or piece of paper to be left to rot with time and dust. All lyrics of the album were instead sung freely by Lupe at the time of the recording. After the album was finished, the lyrics were finally written down only through listening the album.

It is absolutely pointless to talk about influences here because the album is very experimental and all influences are mixed very well and put to soil to bloom to something else. However, I can hear in Lupe's music bits and pieces from the gothic moments of Empyrium, the gloom of Nick Cave, the goth of The Virgin Prunes, the death of Sopor Aeturnus, the mystical mood of Dead Can Dance, the brilliant composing of Manos Chatzidakis and the theatrical music of The Tiger Lilies. Lupe have indeed a big theatrical dimension in their music. There is a gothic/dark tone everywhere in the album and it is such that barely a light can be seen. Gloom drapes everything. Lupe is free from norms. Thus "Burn" is an album which breathes the same air with its composer.

It would also be absolutely pointless to talk about standout tracks here. The album has to be perceived as a whole and experienced as it was meant to be.

Alcyone Records did an excellent job in the digipak and booklet. Beautiful, dark sketches compile the art of the album and they are very interesting and personal.

The vocals used in the album are deep, dark and gothic. There are some vibratos used in the general spooky atmosphere of the songs. Sometimes the vocals sound like they're coming from a dark theatrical performance or a weird cabaret program. The narrations are also excellent when used.

Using the piano, electronics, drums, guitar riffs, synths, background music themes and his voice, Lupe creates melancholic, depressive sceneries of contrast, desperation, inner conflict, tension and pain for life itself.

"Burn is the outcome of many unusual, strange days. It is more of an album based on improvisation, spontaneity and pure expression of thoughts and feelings". Burn along this healing process.

The album was released without finishing the production. It stoppped after the recordings were finished, and was released as it was, because Lupe wanted to keep the original vibe of it.

I suggest this album only to dark wave/gothic/experimental fans. I believe this album is a lifetime companion if you let yourself to drown in it. Utterly dark and theatrical. The biggest achievement for Lupe is that they remain original. "Burn" is a fabulous, spontaneous debut album.

Redefined gothic? Dark wave? Goth Rock Opera? Dark cabaret? Weird theatrical music? Improvisation? Close your door, turn off the lights, allow yourself to drown in it and listen at night. Only. This cinematic/theatrical/dramatic album will take you away from reality. It has the power!

5 / 5 STARSĀ 


1. The Door
2. Burn My Desire
3. Why
4. Dedicated Rain
5. Have You Ever
6. Cold Surrender
7. Timeless
8. She'll Burn The Dawn
9. Till That Day
10. Burned Down