Lurid Memory – Dematerializing

This is the second EP from California’s Lurid Memory. With 5 tracks covering just under half an hour there is a lot going on in a short time. You could say it’s like the new Iron Maiden album put on fast forward!

The sound Lurid Memory conjures is progressive death metal at its most obvious. If you think of the later death albums, Cynic or Obscura although they don’t directly sound like any of these said bands the atmosphere and general feel is on the same track and the influence is clear. They have a clear and thrashy technical edge rather than sounding dark and heavy like Gorguts. Each track goes on its own journey with hardly any repetition in the songs. There are some awesome displays of musicianship and some excellent sections. For example the beautiful opening acoustic section on 'Penga' and a track like 'Fantasy Of The Terminal Moment' sums the band up perfectly because all elements of the band’s sound and capabilities are displayed.

It takes a few good listens for the songs to fully reveal themselves but the time is well worth investing. It’s a clever little EP with so much going on. If you like any of the previously mentioned bands then this is a band to keep your eye on as they are full of ideas and have a lot to offer. Let’s look forward to a full length album.

  1. Whispers In The Dark
  2. Fantasy Of The Terminal Moment
  3. Pangea
  4. I Too...
  5. Dematerialized

Reviewer: twansibon
Dec 4, 2015
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